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Relaunching Mentoring Program

Email Timothy Maurice if you want to be a part of the upcoming Mentoring & Leadership program focused on his last book PBQ... Find out more on his website

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Youth Research and Dialogue

Check out our research and continued work with the Steve Biko Foundation and the Frank Talk Series here at Send us your youth leadership ideas at Keep Dreaming!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

And the Winners of CT Fashion Week Dialogue with Timothy are...

Siyanda Ralane and Lucy Da Costa...
Their stories stood out because of their interest in the creative space and how they could contribute and influence the world. They will join me on either friday or sat night for main shows as well as dinner to discuss the impact of fashion/arts/design/writing on the world as well as a signed copy of my latest book, Personovation. In the Spirit of Possibility, timothy maurice webster

Monday, 11 July 2011

Win a chance to join me at Cape Town fashion week!

The arts (fashion, media, design, writing, etc...) shapes the world in which we live!
As a creative myself, I'm passionate about the potential of this space to change how we see the world and ultimately to inspire change.
If you are a student or young professional in the Cape Town region, and studying in or working in the creative space, you stand a chance to join me on the 14, 15th or 16th at Cape Town fashion week. You will join me for a main night show and dinner and we will explore how the creative space shapes the world and how you can make a larger impact. Just email me why you deserve this opportunity to or comment below.... Good luck, hugs

For more on Cape Town fashion week, go here...

Friday, 1 July 2011

And the Ipad winner is...........

Winning Story- Fikile Mpunzana! (Read More Inspiring Stories below Fikile's below)

a third year Public Relations student at the University of Zululand in Empangeni (KZN). Having being raised by a single parent I was taught from an early age that if I wanted something I had to go out and get it, so I grew up used to the idea of supporting myself and coming up with way to make money. For the past 3 years I've been designing invitation cards and events programmes for an income whilst studying. My profits covered my transport fees, food and clothing. I ve been fortunate to have NSFAS pay for my tuition fees over the years. Every Saturday I do voluntary work at the Lutheran Church where I give bible study lessons to children.  I also try and teach them about their heritage and encourage them to study so they can make something of themselves. I recently started a newsletter for my church called Lutheran News which is published quarterly. I keep money for the costs of running the paper and donate the rest to the church. We then use the money together with our monthly contributions to buy groceries for the needy. A few weeks ago I was one of the fortunate students who were appointed to attend a PRISA (Public Relations Institute Of South Africa) National Conference at the ICC (Durban) where I learnt about an issue that affects us all (Climate change in Public Relations and the environment). I further wrote an article for the local newspaper (Zululand Observer) warning people on the evils of greenwashing and how we all have a role to play in keeping the environment safe for the next generation to come. I ve never had to write a story about myself like this before and writing about it now has made me realise that I am making a difference in my community. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but this very small effort changes peoples lives in a big way. I feel proud to be part of this small community and genuinely caring for others and in that process growing as a person.


I have founded an organisation for woman of colour called Butterfly Diva. My focus is to uplift and inspire woman out there to discover their passion and bliss and to create a community of woman rising from the ashes. Through my 24 hour availability and one on one development with these woman (sometimes at no charge) who need help I have not only developed myself but altered their consciousness to embrace the woman they are meant to be. With no money and no support I have just self published a small pocket size book called 'Inspirational Delights To Embrace Yourself' and it's my example to woman out there that you can create something out of nothing. So to answer your question why I deserve the iPad - well I don't have any formal education but have identified my qualities as a strong, confident, helpful woman and am utilising that in helping one depressed woman at a time. The iPad would also provide me with the edge on technology. I am Butterfly Diva!


I think i deserve that Ipad1, because I believe that my brand has not only fulfilled theoretical principles, but has also included practical activities that has made sure that all those that i have met, whether it may be at school or in my community, have received the full Experience. Branding is all about the experience that you give to consumers and peers, and I have participated in activities which has helped me to define my brand, and spread the message of living your dreams. I am a dancer, so I have been in numerous groups, which has helped me create long lasting friendships, and network with sponsors. Taking up responsibilities such as group leader, head choreographer, and finance manager has taught me leadership skills, and open-mindedness, which I strongly believe are fundamental prerequisites in achieving a strong personal or corporate brand with impact. Participating in my school's Student Christian Association has helped me acknowledge various belief systems, and has indirectly ensured that my brand was fair, and hate free. Also, tolerance of people with different visions has been impressed in my conscience, and i am always reminded of it when people meet new people. In the previous year, I was chosen as a youth ambassador for my community, which also involved being a consultant, and coming up with various strategies to uplift the youth. This included a mixed bag of tricks such as ensuring that companies in my community had proper CSI programs that invested in the youth, or having talks with teens and role models who had made it in life. I am currently in Brasil, as an exchange student. This experience is teaching me about life, people in general, Brasil, and it is also helping me refine my brand. I am constantly finding myself going back to basics, and using lessons I learnt back home. This experience has also been one big idea-exchange, and I feel that this comes in handy when trying to launch brands worldwide. It has to have the same impact in the Americas, as it would to South Africans. All that i have mentioned is mixed together into what I believe is a bold approach to life and work. I plan on studying Brand Building and Management, which I believe will allow me to live my work, and let work be my life without any problems. I see my self coming up with brand strategies, and solutions that will always allow consumers and clients to live their dreams, and let their brands embody the visions they have. My mantra is that life is all about laughing abundantly, loving unconditionally, living freely, living your dreams, and being a vessel of change. This is something I do everyday, and it is a decision I consciously impart towards all that I meet. the Ipad would ensure that I keep in contact with all those around me, whether in Brasil, SA, or all the other exchange students I have met. I share a PC with the entire family, so I generally have about an hour or two to keep informed, read up on the latest trends in marketing and brand building, or update my blog. I am only turning 18, but I have never let age stop me from doing things I felt would have a positive impact in my life, because I mean, age is nothing but a number?
Feel free to contact my school's vice principal, or check out my blog. Inbox me if you would like more info, or if you would for me to send you my mentor's facebook page. I trust that the rest of your day will be filled with colour, and that you too, will live life as my mantra states.


I am 29 years old and I recently received a part scholarship to study applied drama at Wits University through a programme called Drama for Life. See
This has been a life changing experience for me. I really enjoy traveling, mostly because I get to meet new people and experience different cultures. It's the kind of learning one cannot experience in a classroom but through this programme, Africa came to me in a class. I am passionate about people and life! I believe that as a young African woman I have a responsibility to those who came before me, who fought and died for the freedom we have in South Africa today. I believe that we need to speak out on matters such as HIV and AIDS but I also think we need to encourage people to live better lives. Healthier lives! Depression is injuring our society and in 2020 it will be the second highest cause of disability, worldwide according to the World health Organization. This just after heart disease and HIV will be tenth on the list. These are some staggering numbers. This is what I want people to know, through working with organizations that have the same vision, I believe I will be able to make a difference on both these matters that are close to my heart and that I have had personal experience with. What better way to do this than using technology? To film the workshops we collaborate on... Researching new ideas to implement... Show our material to potential funders. Bringing the world to the people we work with through the touch of a screen. Encouraging ideas of good mental and physical health through the principles of yoga which is another lifestyle that influences me and has helped me tackle my own depression. Working with people of any age or background, drama can go to places very few mediums can and force people to take action in their own lives and teach us new things. This is exactly what it did for me, whether I was singing in a musical in my exchange student home in the United States or reciting a poem for Lebo Mashile to get her take on my work or directing my first play at the market theatre laboratory. Drama helped me break the boundaries I had created for myself. I want to help do this for other people not for the fame and fortune (what drama can often be associated with) but for empowering myself and others, encouraging social justice, fighting oppression and giving the voiceless a voice. As the great Nelson Mandela taught us "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure." What a world we could live in, if every human being knew that about themselves.


I always spend my time with children in my community and give them good guidance about life and always encourage them to have a GOAL 'cause that is their direction. I love motivating young people, I started writing motivation articles and profiled young people who do extraordinary things for themselves to inspire young people from disadvantage backgrounds in my community newspaper. I got interested and saw it working and started writing articles directed to young people on an online website to motivate young people. I n0w work for a YOUTH magazine and I install positivity in young people's lives. It started with a dream and I turned it into reality. Today I smile with great joy when I see some of the young people I interviewed doing exceptionally well. 0ne of them informed me about his online magazine, now their 9th edition. I want to continue giving back and climbing this ladder! 0h and Tim, on the reasons am continuing with my Communication Science studies is that I want to have my own Media House where I create employment for young people. I want to know a bit of everything in the media to even educate the next generation. There's a need. I am very innovative and I believe that with my intellectual abilities, creativity, passion and compassion I can bring a lot of social and developmental changes in South Africa. I want to put my Developmental journalism qualification to good use. I WANT TO SEE CHANGES, IT SH0OULD START WITH ME. Amen!


I believe i deserve because my take on branding is different..i have a passion for young people and making a unique different,my work is unknown and am happy with greatest joy is been me without the attention drawn to me..i live life with a pinch of salt that everyday also have stories to tell,my friendships lie with the lady selling at the corner to feed and take care of her kids..the man parking cars rather than take on life its what you do that or rather where you been and where you are!that will tell you where you going..i thank you..Ray


I know I deserve because me living in a area that's drug infested managed to stay clean nd fall by the way side I always do my best at school nd manage to succeed I'm a matric student this year nd I'm praying nd hoping I'd get in2 the Navy nxt bt also working hard to get in nxt year I knw a lot of pple wu r drug users nd always try to help I think I deserve this bcoz it would make my life so much easier avoid the long lines at our local libraries to use the internet for our xul projects my name is Clarrissa Tumber and I'm from Bosmont doing my matric at C.J.B


I deserve the Ipad because,I'm a community developer whom was developed by the community,being an example to the youth and adults is an outstanding well positioned opportunity,this is to solve obsticles at large like crime,child abuse,poverty,drug abuse,letering and so forth because I've been and seen some of the social issues in my community! I'm a dancer,choreographer,actor peer educator,facilitator,and fashion analyst» I teach young children(teenage) and young adults how to Dance,Act and leadership skills! Progression with this skills follows with respect,determination and passion,I also teach them to take control and be whoeva they want change in their lives! My community is my center of my heart,and recesitation is the follow up of progress,what we did in the past is what we are today,wat we do today will determine our future,the future lies in our hands and our children(young stars)!


(In an age of technological advancements and social networks, it is easy to get caught up in the frivolous things and lose focus of who you are and what's important to you; basically to relinquish control of your Personal Brand. My name is Siya Ngcobo. I'm a 22 year old Marketing student and founder of Swagger Concepts, a marketing and media company, and my personal brand is one and Success and African pride. This is an account of a minor incident that realigned me to my destiny and reaffirmed my Personal Brand.) I lay zombie-like for hours on end on a random morning, hours past my bedtime, Insomnia with a strong chokehold on the mere prospect of my sweet, dreams with no intentions of letting go anytime soon. I do what any logical person under such dire circumstances would do. I think. Thoughts riddled with guilt on how black people, self included, have seemed to turn an icy shoulder to all things African. Quotes and speeches from inspirational Africans recited over Vicky Sampson’s ‘African Dream’. I start hearing Mzwakhe Mbuli, Musa Kalenga, Nelson Mandela, Thebe Ikalafeng. This is getting way too deep. I snap out of it, opting to check what frivolous rambling my facebook friends have uttered induced by ‘nocturnal intoxication’. I might get a laugh or two, or find a status update quoting the lyrics to just the right lullaby that’ll end my sleepless misery. The first update I spot, a young lady I shall not shame, reads: “Call Me Barbie, B!tch!” The real shock comes as I notice that well over a dozen other friends of hers like this, with even more commenting further to lay claim that they are indeed the real Barbie B!tches.
Failing to grasp the ideology behind young pretty African Princesses, with all the potential in the world to blossom into beautiful Nubian Queens, choosing rather to be referred to as Black Barbie B!tches, I simply scroll down to another profile. A glimmer of hope as I peruse down to find a one Nandi Mngoma, an avid inspirational blogger of note, I hope for substance in her dialect. She expressed her dismay at “The shallowness of the concept of Africans referring to each other as YellowBones (light-skinned) and Brownies (darker skin-toned)”. Such raw emotion, coupled with a few opinionated comments and some healthy debate. A song dear to me “Shades” by Wale springs to mind as I ponder on just how true it is that lighter-skinned Africans are envied by their darker siblings, as society is generally kinder to the fairer shade. A particular line scuffles it’s way to the forefront of my thoughts: “the Blacker the berry, the sweeter the product... then I’m fruit punch concentrate, and they are water.” Wale’s expression on just how he truly felt as a black African. The guilt-riddled African thoughts I tried to escape a few moments before are rekindled. We, as Africans, instead of adapting the various Eastern and Western ‘trends and beliefs’ that we’re exposed to, yet keeping our African roots/foundation, choose rather to ignore our roots altogether. So let it not be our Bohemian attitudes, Brazilian weaves, Italian clothing or German sports cars, but rather our African hearts that best define us. Now in no way am I advocating reverting to a simpler life by the boycotting of our True Religion or RT jeans and Hyundai sedans for ‘amabheshu’, leotards, dashikis and horse-drawn carriages, because  in the end those are not really what makes us African. Africa, the birthplace of all mankind, a land rich with heritage and blessed with an abundance of such luxuries as platinum, coal and diamonds, now branded by the World as the home of starving Kwashiorkor-infected ‘high-jumpers’ with bones in their noses’, or the playground for child soldiers with Kalashnikovs towed in their little trigger-happy hands. Facebook, a medium I once thought of as merely a new virtual lifeline on Wayne Brady’s “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” show, where you simply add the lyrics of the latest smash single on the Billboard Top 100 charts, and a multitude of ‘comments’ from eager ‘friends’ pour in, wanting to exhibit their cutting-edge word-for-word knowledge of that featured artist’s latest work. A hypocrite I am though, as I proceed to quote K’naan when he is featured on the Nas and Damian Marley track ‘Tribes at War’, where he echoes Africa’s cries on just how it’s contribution has been ignored and belittled by society at large: “I drink Poison, and then I vomit Diamonds... I gave you Mandela, black Dalai Lamas... I gave you music, you enthused in my kindness, so how dare you reduce me to Donny Imus.” Stemming from a continent breastfed by Oppression, I realise the struggle is far from over, and the wounds although healed, left unsightly scars that can’t be “Bio-Oiled” by the promise of lucrative BEE contracts & the re-naming of Durban’s West Street to Dr Pixley ka-Seme. I personally feel blessed and honoured to been born into ‘freedom’ and have been bread to be a post-Apartheid cosmopolitan (South) African citizen with facebook privileges. Facebook, a weapon I now realise is as powerful as a mic in the hands of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., or as lethal as a pen in the hands of Steve Biko... Let us be wise in our use of such a catalyst of change. Before updating statuses bragging about the huge hangover we have from downing a number of beers night before, ask yourself if you would still have said the same thing if you knew that that was the status you’ll forever be remembered for.
“I am not saying that I will change the world. But I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the World.” - Tupac Amaru Shakur. Facebook is a platform that allows a young African child the ability to give wings to stanzas that lay dormant in cob-webbed dark dungeons in his mind. I am that child. But I realise that I am not alone, for disguised in loose-fitting bemudas, micro-minis, skinny jeans, graphics Tees, dark shades, gold teeth, afros, weaves and chiskops on black, mocha, cocoa, caramel, yellow or dark chocolate coloured skin lie a multitude of other such children of African descent, with even greater stories to tell. So as I contemplate putting up  the funniest, quirkiest, most  idiosyncratic two-liner as my status update that’s sure to gather at least 20 comments and a dozen ‘likes’, reassuring me that my ‘friends’ are still fond of me, I think what would African legends likes of Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah or Patrice Lumumba would’ve had as their status updates. Another more powerful thought clouds in my mind, second-guessing its predecessor. It is a question: “Hhaibo, who do you think you are?”......
......I sit, dumbstruck for a minute or two, before answering:
 I am Siya Ngcobo. uMapholoba. uFuze. iQadi. Mashiya amahle ngath’ azoshumayela.
A young African facebooker undeterred on his quest:  Chasing Success.


...Which focus on providing lessons to kids of the community not only
is it keeping them off streets but building them to be independent,it
wil utilize unemployed volunteers from the community.My goals are to
keep kids away from streets,use volunteers as a major factor in
helping educate kids,raise funds to help them.Reach out to the
community,teach on empowerment.Exposure,growth,attract and get
sponsorship. I can offer my community quality service and am
commited. Thank you Mr Maurice for the opportunity.


this is what my idea of saving the community is:
firstly we all know the biggest disease we are faced with and that is h.i.v/aids,we are all aware of the precautions of preventing it from spreading and expanding however it is still growing like chinas population. All that needs to be improved is the condoms because the current government condoms are not been used un a sense that many people have more disadvantages of the condoms more than the advantages,so of the condoms can be nameless,and have various flavours,im sure people will use more of them and thus decreasing the spread of h.i.v/aids and saving the community @ large. By the way im a pharmacy assistant (post basic) student


Warm greetings Timothy. What a great opportunity this is to receive an IPAD and I thank you for that initiative! I am currently a student at a Prophetic Institute where I am learning to shape and sharpen the prophetic call on my life. To answer this call to serve God and my community an IPAD would most be helpful. Prophets are instructed to change the course of history,as in the example of Moses who led a whole nation out of slavery. Therefore part of this journey will require me to meet with world leaders and business men,and the IPAD will keep me relevant,current and in touch. Furthermore the IPAD will conveniently serve in my venture to write a book on African Spiritual Liberation,as prophets make understanding God easier. So even those who are chosen to serve in the spiritual field require such enabling tools to influence the course of worldly events. In conclusion,I deem myself a worthy steward of this IPAD and again thank you,in advance,for being an Enabler to Greatness! Sincere regards,Prophetess Dineo Mahao.


As a child born from a poor family,single parent raised and from 1 of the poorest communities in KwaZulu Natal(S.A) ,I have developed the opposite view of life that I grew up with and thought would live it as many had within my community. I am a 17 year old boy who has made it to far places they never expected me to. A university student studying BBA and doing ICT at CIDA CITY CAMPUS has bee born from the place where everyone thought there is NO hope in. My vision and mission is to make it big,climb the ladder until I reach the top. With the help I have had and still having,I am holding life with both of my hands and never taking a step into letting go. Not so many get the opportunity to have a sponsor who would see potential in you ,pay for your school fees since primary until university. God is great I give praise to him. At times I sit down and try to imagine if Anthony Nathan the CEO of sovereign steel wasn't part of my life and what I would be doing by now.I would see death out of crime as all my pears do there. I am a believer,have hopes and dreams that I have a big purpose in life,that God created me for something and that thing is what I am heading for. My mother would cry tears of joy seeing me excel from where I was,she would say,"boy I know you will do it and nothing can stop you". She is a domestic worker and has tried by all means to make my life look better. I just wish one day I would help my community see that there is hope and their children can make it big like I have. I have joint many activities in my school so as to learn how to empower myself and we try help other children see how they can get help to reach their goals. As I have said,God makes wonders,Cida campus is also another blessing to me. I wouldn't say I am a genius because I am a young boy who has made it in classes where I was the youngest of them all but I worked hard into making them see the big in me and they have acknowledged that. But I have problems in speaking and fear. My speaking problem started when I was a kid and words don't come out normally. I struggle a lot to say a full sentence as some words are cut but that has not put me down or anything because I talk a lot. Another thing is fear, I fear a lot especially to bullies . Whenever someone big does something that I don't like,I find it hard to approach and when I decide to face him or her,my heart will be pumping very hard. All my life I have lived with people who want take advantage of me but they are just people who wouldn't take all away from me. Despite those problems,I am young ,willing and able to make changes in my life. So far I am in the road and the road isn't smooth but I am paving a smooth end. My long term goals are to enter the business world,travel a lot and venture a lot. Learn from other people as they will be learning from me.


Last year i was studying at the university of the free state, pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management. The beginning of this year when preparing to go register i was told that i would not be able to register due to my bad study record. Having disappointed not only myself but parents too, i was demotivated and discouraged. i later found out that my failing was brought by my ancestral calling. I must admit i am still in shock of my discovery, i am dealing with it but i dont let it pull me down.armed with no qualification and no experience, jst what i have learnt in the few years i had in varsity, i have approached a recruitment company, and proposed a program that could assist in job creation and helping Graduates get a job.We intend on partnering with higher learning institutions and government to implement this program (you can say we are acting as catalysts to the proposed job creation by the government). All this i have been doing at home. I get one hour access to the local library on a daily basis. to be awarded this Ipod would make this project to run even much bettered timorously. In addition to all this i intend to go back to school and finish my degree and hopefully get to pay my studies through this project. I would really appreciate it if i was to be considered and like the articles in Destiny Magazine" AGAINST ALL ODDS" I believe i will overcome. Katlego Pula_Thaba Nchu_Free state thank you


I am responding to your Unused/Ipad Give-away, please find my motivation below:
I am passionate about life, continous learning and helping others, as I believe "You can get everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want."(Zig Zaglar). I have learned that self-development (self- mastery) is important before one can try and help others and am still on that journey which has opened up my inner eye to reallise that it all starts within. I am currently an entrepreneurial student at the Wits Business School. I give back to my community by volunteering which I am a big believer in, I volunteer for Siyakhana Food Garden and still in the process of applying for more organisations to volunteer at to contribute positively by imparting the skills and the knowlegde I have learned. I am also a member of JCI Soweto - Junior Chamber International which we are still trying to launch in the Soweto region and a member of SAWEN - South African Women Entrepreneurs Network, Bizjam, kindly check my profile on, I am the Bizjammer of the month for this month (June 2011). In conclusion I have learned as Ralph Waldo Emerson beautifully stated: " The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." Should you require, references or any additional information, kindly let me know. Warm Regards, Aspiring Entrepreneur

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Student leader to win an Ipad1

Timothy was given a brand new Ipad1 in New York as a replacement to his old one and has decided to give away to deserving student. The student must demonstrate proficiency in three areas:
1. Innovative approach to lifestyle (interesting and new approaches to challenges)
2. Bold Ideas (Big picture thinking which serves to expand social perspectives)
3. Caring for the community (interested in giving back)

Send your stories to

p.s. The winner will also get an Ipad case, an additional keyboard $50 (R350) worth of apps and a 2hour session with Timothy to get the ball rolling!

Good luck!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sponsor a Computer for a Child for R860

Dear Armabrand Friends, Please see email below from Annie, a development director at a partner of ours 'Community Individual Development Association'. We've been given this phenomenal opportunity to join them in changing lives by giving kids access to computers for only R860... please see below how you can join us in the wonderful initiative! Please contact Annie at to contribute and after reading below, see more background by going clicking here COMMUNITY INDIVIDUAL


As the pioneers of the ‘Free Tertiary Education’ movement in South Africa, over the last 10 years we’ve educated 5,000 young people out of poverty, who are now working in jobs, earning over R200 million together in annual salaries. The economic impact of education is staggering!

Two key projects that will allow us to scale up to reach thousands of disadvantaged youth per year require a significant number of computers. A recent in-depth study demonstrated that computer-based maths training can increase outcomes by 56%.

Computer AID International in the UK are offering the purchase of 350 virtually-new computers for R300,000 (R860 per computer). Every computer comes with a flat plasma screen. DHL has offered free shipping from the UK. In South Africa a similar computer = R2,000 per computer (without the screen), and R3,000 with flat screen. The offer is only available for one week.

We need your help!
We are asking if you can personally fund one computer yourself and inspire 2 others to match your support. 1 (R860), 2 (R1,720)

We will put a list of everyone who has contributed up on our website unless you wish to remain anonymous. Although it’s fantastic that you will be recognized for your contribution, we’re sure you’ll agree that the greater reward is that TODAY you can change someone’s tomorrow.


Thank you very much!
Kindest regards,


Annie Falk, Business Development
Community Individual Development Association
Direct Line: +27 722262847

Community and Individual Development Association
Account Name: Community and Individual Development Association
Branch code : 007205, Account number: 20 371 535 7, SWIFT Address: SBZAZAJJ00720535

For deposit directly into Computer Aids account: (Please let us know)
Computer Aid Bank Details:
Bank: Lloyds TSB, Highbury Corner, 31 Holloway Road, London N7 8JU, UK
Account: 00862945, Sort code: 30-94-21, BIC code: LOYD GB 21180, IBAN: GB10 LOYD 309421 00862945


21st Century Learning Labs: Bridging unemployable youth into education & entrepreneurship
These State-of-the-art learning labs pioneer the concept of mass personalisation in learning: harnessing the human technology and information technology revolution to bridge students from poor high school education to college and then into the economy. These labs systematically and daily build students' English, Mathematics and problem-solving, and Reading and comprehension skills by using the finest software, e-learning, and personalised educational methods.

*To test the effectiveness of our 21st Century Learning Labs, we divided one class into to two groups. Group A had an excellent teacher with no computers. Group B had an average teacher, but every student had access to computer based English and Maths software. In group A, the lowest score from a student was 23% as compared to Group B’s lowest score of 80%.

Invincible Outsourcing
To create a fully ‘self-funding’ educational model, we are launching businesses within the organization where students “Learn and Earn” to pay their way through school (supporting the campus) and earn extra money to support their families. Invincible Outsourcing call centre is a key business that requires 250 - 450 computers. For every 1 student studying through the ‘Learn and Earn” programme, enough funding is generated to bring in an additional 4 students. With 1,000 students working in the call centre while studying, funding will be generated to bring in an additional 4,000 students.

Tech specs from Computer Aid International Stats on Tertiary Education in South Africa today

High specification ‘premium PCs’:
• 100% P4 PCs
• minimum 1 GB RAM
• minimum 2.4 GHz processor
• 40-200Gb hard disk
• soundcard
• 100% TFT (thin screen) monitors
• 100% network cards
20ft container of 350 PCs with 100% TFTs
350 x 79 = 27,650 pounds
• Community Individual Development Association’s new ‘Learn and Earn’ model will allow for the cost of R60,000 a student to get a full-degree which will conservatively earn them R6 million salary over a 40-year career, a 100 times (10,000% return on investment)
Our Track Record:
The Community Individual Development Association (C.I.D.A.) is a non-profit project-facilitation organization focused on the provision of mass-scale, low-cost, high quality, effective and enlightened education for the historically disadvantaged, which directly brings youth from poverty to a position of self-sufficiency. With a 30-year track record for innovation, we are focused on cultivating the full potential of every student and developing ethical competent groups of future business and government leaders. The Community and Individual Development Association has worked directly with over 50,000 South Africans, and touched the lives of at least 500,000 South Africans, along with hundreds of individuals from around the country. Around 5,000 students have gone through the programs at our previous university CIDA City Campus, the ‘First Free University in South Africa’, and we are now in the process of scaling up our new initiative, the Maharishi Institute, from 250 students to 1,500 within the next two years. We’ve had amazing support from strong South African and international partners that view our new ‘Self-Funding’ model as a key to bring about sustainable transformation in South Africa, and other African countries. Supporters include: Educating Africa, Datatec, Chuma Foundation, Oppenheimer Family, Kellogg Foundation, Skoll Foundation amongst others.